How to Pack Like a Pro: Seasoned Travelers Share Their Best Tips

How to Pack Like a Pro: Seasoned Travelers Share Their Best Tips

Your trip is approaching, your itinerary is sorted, and you’re eagerly counting down the hours until you reach your destination. Only one obstacle stands between you and your journey, and it’s no small feat: packing. Fitting all of the items you may need for your trip into your luggage can prove to be quite a challenge. These travel experts share their advice for packing like a total pro.

Top travel packing tips

Whether you are backpacking in the wild or traveling across countries, it is important to pack only what is needed. We want to share our top three best travel packing tips.

1. Pack light: Packing light sounds almost impossible when we think of all the things we need. All the photo equipment, shoes, the clothing, matching accessories and sleeping supplies. Well, let me tell you something: you only need two pairs of shoes at most, one for walking and one comfy pair for showers and rest time. Pack easy-to-match shirts and two pairs of jeans — you can wear one while the other one is drying. Pack a lot of underwear and socks. The rest is not needed.

2. Recheck your bag after you finish packing: Once you finish packing, go back again and stop to think what you actually need. If you are traveling for ten days, pack for five and wash your clothes overnight. You will see how much space and weight you just saved in seconds.

3. Use packing cubes: It helps having your clothes organized and wrinkle free. We are huge fans of packing cubes, as we have noticed a huge difference in the amount of stuff we take with us when we need to fit all we want to take in those little containers.

– Jazmin of Travel to Blank 

In order to stay as organized as possible on the road, I roll everything I need for each day’s outfit together: shirt, scarf, shorts, socks, etc. I put a rubber band around the entire parcel and then lay the row of bundles in my suitcase. Not only does it help make use of every inch of space in my luggage (which is helpful since I like to have just a carry-on), but it also allows me to grab my outfit for each day without thinking too much once I’m in the midst of my trip. All I have to do is add shoes and purse and head out the door!

– Natalie Vereen-Davis of Cosmos Mariners 

Packing tips

If you’ve minimal space in your luggage, you need to be disciplined the night before moving to your next destination to spend ten minutes packing your bag properly (before you start drinking!). Once your bag starts getting disorganized, it’s like your bedroom — you keep putting it off until you eventually give in and spend an hour repacking from scratch. It’s also a good insurance to make sure you don’t forget anything when you leave, as you naturally create a little checklist in your head of things to remember.

– Jub of Tiki Touring Kiwi

Always have an emergency kit on you when you’re flying. You never know when an airline is going to lose your baggage. I always pack a very small bag that has a spare toothbrush, clean underwear, socks, lip balm, sunglasses, and deodorant. You can face the world no matter what’s happened when wearing clean undies and having clean teeth.

– Jean of Traveling Honeybird 

Packing cells have made my life so much easier when traveling, not because they are fantastic for sorting and keeping your case tidy, but mainly because it stops the kids pulling everything out of the case to find what they are looking for! I can pack their stuff one of two ways. I can sort them into a packing cell each for underwear, tops, bottoms and accessories (hats, PJs, scarves, bathers) or if it’s just a short trip, I can take all small packing cells and pack an outfit for each day that we are away! This means they know what to pull out and I don’t end up with everything on the floor. Best of all, I take a spare large packing cell for all the dirty laundry, and it keeps it away from all the clean clothes, How’s that for organized?

– Sally of our3kidsvtheworld 

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