6 Free Mobile Apps That Will Change the Way You Travel

6 Free Mobile Apps That Will Change the Way You Travel

Smart phones have revolutionized the way we travel. Staying in touch with friends and family back home, navigating each twist and turn of a new city, finding the best attractions in your next destination… There’s an app for nearly everything. Here are six stand-out travel apps that you’ll be itching to try on your next trip. Even better, they’re free, so you can devote more of your dollars, euros, or yens to making your journey as memorable as possible.

Best travel apps

Trail Wallet

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, and keeping a budget while on the road is a fantastic way to keep your spending to a minimum. Trail Wallet allows you to set a daily budget and then track all of your expenses. You can then view charts that map your daily spending and get an overview of where your money is being spent. Never has budgeting been so easy!

Download on: iOS

Best travel apps: Trail Wallet


When you’re traveling internationally, you’ll likely have limited or no access to data, so, beyond unwieldy paper maps, your navigation options are limited. maps.me provides offline maps of every city, town, and village around the world, including their streets, hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Be sure to use wifi to download a region’s map before arriving, and with map overviews and turn-by-turn walking directions, you’ll find yourself lost abroad only when you want to be.

Download on: iOS | Android

Best travel apps: maps.me

Google Trips

This app pulls bookings from your Gmail account and generates a travel guide for each of your upcoming destinations. All of your reservations for each trip, including flights, hotels, ground transportation, and special events — as well as maps, confirmation numbers, terminal information, and more for each — are compiled in one handy screen. Sightseeing, dining, and lodging recommendations and general information about each location can be downloaded on wifi and used offline.

Download on: iOS | Android

Best travel apps: Google Trips

Café Wifi

Finding internet connectivity can be a time-consuming challenge when you’re overseas, but this app has you covered. Café Wifi maps out wifi spots in your area, and, when available, even includes connection speeds, network names, information about electrical outlets, and user reviews.

Download on: iOS

Best travel apps: Cafe Wifi


Figuring out how to get from point A to point B when you’re traveling isn’t always easy, especially in countries with limited information available on the web. Rome2Rio compiles flight, train, bus, and driving information, including costs, timetables, and booking links, to provide you with the best options to get to your next destination.

Download on: iOS | Android

Best travel apps: Rome2Rio


Every good journey involves some unforgettable meals, but the tricky part of travel is often finding the best places to dine. While there are countless apps sharing restaurant locations and reviews, Zomato makes it easier to sort by restaurant type, view menus, and even book tables. Plus, unlike other apps that give vague indications of price ranges, this app will give you a specific average cost for each restaurant. Zomato offers recommendations in 24 countries and over 10,000 cities.

Download on: iOS | Android

Best travel apps: Zomato

Traveling is easier and more interesting than ever thanks to mobile apps. These are just six of the hundreds out there that will make your journeys all the more fantastic. Just remember: the best scenery is outside of your phone!

Kirstie is a travel blogger and digital marketer from Pasadena, California who has seen 72 countries and counting. She lived and worked in Madrid and Sevilla, Spain and Sydney, Australia before she embarked on a round-the-world adventure. She currently works as an independent digital marketing specialist.

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  • Lindsey Erin says:

    I just want to affirm the importance of these apps! They are VERY helpful, especially if you are wanting to keep your costs low as you travel. International phone plans are so expensive, so finding free apps are vital if you don’t want to pay the extra money.

    We used maps.me for our maps and that worked great. I love that you included the Trail Wallet App for budgeting. That would have been helpful during our backpacking trip in Europe.

    Thanks for this helpful information!

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